Creekcats Environmental Partners

Photo of Phil and Juliet

Creekcats Environmental Partners consists of Juliet Lamont and Phil Price. Experts in a wide range of fields are brought in as needed for individual projects. Our affiliates include an expert on business adaptation to reduce impacts of climate change; experts in urban stream restoration; computer programmers; and others. Clients have included the State of California for developing ways to quantify environmental recovery in the Bay Delta; the State of New York for mapping of indoor radon concentrations; the Switzer Foundation for evaluation of candidates; for determining what data are needed to see a climate change signal in insurance claims; and several smaller companies in diverse areas including simulation of correlated stock prices, and the analysis of wolf-cougar interactions.

Contact Phil at or Juliet at For more information about Phil and Juliet, click here.

Creekcats computing

Creekcats is involved in two computer programming efforts, and expects to grow in this area.

  • Phil is the main author of the "loadshape" tool for predicting interval electric load in buildings. This is an open-source project that provides an implementation of the "LBNL Model" that Phil developed while at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The project uses the R programming language.
  • Creekcats has begun releasing iPhone apps for translating restaurant menus. The initial product s are (1) Le Menu Dit, which translates from English to French and (2) Il Menu Dice which translates from English to Italian. In mid-2016 we will release apps that translate from French to English, and from English to Chinese.

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  • Photography

    Juliet and Phil enjoy taking photos of wildlife and other subjects. Some of Juliet's photos are available here.

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    Phil Personal website

    Phil's personal website is infrequently updated. Most content is from 1997 to 2005.